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Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

Sound familiar? If you’ve ever run down a flight of stairs, jumped rope with your nieces, or tried a Zumba class, you’re no doubt familiar with that bouncing feeling. But Panache, a favorite brand among busty ladies, believes they have a remedy for that unsightly and painful bounce with their brand new sports bra.

The bra, slated to be released on October 1, is three years in the making. After extensive research, head designer Clare Fallon and her team at Panache enlisted the help of Loughborough Sports Technology Institute in Leicestershire. During their studies, the team outfitted a 32E model with 3-D motion sensors and set her to work on a treadmill. They found that while rival sports bras reduce bounce by a respectable 65%, the new Panache sports bra is even more effective with a bounce reduction of 83%. And if you look at this photo of British javelin thrower Goldie Sayers modeling the bra, I think you’ll agree that it somehow still manages to be one of the more attractive options out there! It also features a clip that allows you to convert the bra to a racerback style, so you can still wear it with your favorite workout tanks.

Most conventional sports bras use compression to press the breast tissue down against the rib cage. Panache instead opted to use an encapsulation style, which holds each breast separately in molded cups and controls movement from all angles. They claim that the product is as effective as “two hands holding the breasts.” (You can’t tell me you haven’t wished you could hold your boobs yourself while running!)

Interested? The bra will be available in D-H cups, and will set you back about £35. Basic black and white will be the first available in October, but you’ll have to wait until November for fashion colors. The style has so far only been referred to as simply “Panache Sports Bra.”

Are there any sports you’ve avoided because your sports bra didn’t offer enough support?

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3 Responses to “Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!”
  1. paige says:

    Great Find Kelly!

    Once it’s out I’ll pass this around to anyone else i know in the D+ range.

    They should have a video link to show how effective it is.

    32E? really?

  2. sol says:

    I gotta agree with paige…32E????
    I wonder what the backsizes will be…

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