Maggie Gyllenhaal to replace Moss?

A bit ago, we heard from several sources that Daisy Lowe was set to replace Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur – so many, inMaggie Gyllenhaal fact, that it seemed a sure thing. But now, The Independent and many other sources are saying that Maggie Gyllenhaal is set to replace Moss as the new spokesmodel!

Lowe seemed a fitting choice considering the information from Agent Provocateur before the announcement, so I have to say I was really surprised to hear this new information! I wonder if the false lead was planned? Everyone is buzzing about the bait-and-switch, and I have to say I’m a bit happy about the new information. I think that, with the right producers, the AP campaign could really transform her from girl-next-door to sexy star! And she definitely has a unique look – one that will stand out in the lingerie world.

We’ll be able to see on September 1 – the day the new ads will be available online!


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