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YumDrop.com – “naughty when you wanna be”

YumDrop.comI’ve recently been introduced to a great new lingerie site: YumDrop.com. The motto of YumDrop is “naughty when you wanna be” and the site lives up to the slogan!

The wide variety of styles is refreshing; while some could be candidates for our “Trashy, Slutty…. Yet interesting!” forum topic, there are just as many pieces that are classy and YumDrop Bridal Babydollpretty – so you can be naughty when you wanna be and nice when you wanna be! You will have no trouble finding charmuese and lace bridal babydolls, shirred bustiers, lace-up open-cup chemises, camigarters with cherry prints, leopard print babydolls, leather bustiers, and fishnets that make it look like you have ankle tattoos – all on one site! You can also find swimsuits and shoes on YumDrop – and I was delighted to find that the shoe section has the same wide variety as the main focus of the site (lingerie!). There are naughty nurse platform boots and marabou sandals, but there are also sexy Mary Jane pumps and rhinestone sandals perfect for a night out. YumDrop’s real strength is offering such aYumDrop Marabou Sandals wide variety of pretty, sexy things, with sometimes daring designs, at very palatable prices.

While the pieces available on YumDrop.com are affordable, they still rival far more expensive brands as far as design and style goes – and the site offers these unique items in a way that is completely comprehensible, easy to navigate, and refreshingly thorough. There are multiple views available for most products, so you can see how a product looks from different angles or in different colors (on the product page, just hold your mouse over the view you want to see), as well as prominently displayed sizing charts to help you navigate incongruent sizing between brands and styles. This is especiallyYumDrop size chart helpful because many of the pieces available are decidedly for wearing at home, and don’t use standard sizing simply because support isn’t much of an issue with something you won’t wear every day. But YumDrop translates the manufacturers’ “small/medium/large” categories into band and cup sizes so you can be confident in ordering the correct size.

YumDrop Star Studded PantiesI recently received my package from YumDrop, and was even more pleased than I thought I would be. I ordered the Star Studded Panty, a pair of boyshorts with lace-up sides and “Sexy” silk-screened on the back. I couldn’t be happier with these – I’m a sucker for corset-style lacing, and my new panties are every bit as comfortable as my everyday boyshorts. They are, however, far more “rock-n-roll” than my everyday boyshorts!

I also got the Ruffled Rhumba Hot Pants. These are cute, but I’m torn about them.YumDrop Ruffle Rhumba Hot Pants They aren’t really my style or much like anything else I own, but I’m trying to broaden my tastes and they are very flirty for lounging around at home. They seem a great accessory to a simple cami or short chemise.

My favorite, however, is the Pink Mesh and Lace Cami set. I am a larger cup size, so usually I shy away from YumDrop Pink Mesh and Lace Cami Setanything with underbust seams because they never hit me correctly. I had to take a shot with this set, however, because it looked so good – and I’m glad I did! I was pleasantly surprised to see that the straps are adjustable, so even ladies with larger cups can adjust the top to fit them well. And I absolutely love the design.

When you visit YumDrop, be sure to check out their costumes. Halloween will be here before you know it!

P.S. Check out our sales section to find a coupon code for YumDrop!

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  1. story says:

    great info…thanks and ladies on pictures are hot :)

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