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Roberta Glass Lingerie from Australia

Roberta Glass is a label out of Australia. They provide online sales and have local stockists in the Australia area. Our aim is to produce beautifully made lingerie with classic styling using soft, quality fabrics and laces. We take the utmost care to design lingerie that graces and flatters the body. We search for unusually […]

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Darling Lingerie Brazil

Darling is another brand that is now beginning to receive global attention. Darling is from Brazil and they have been in business since the 1950s. Here are a few ads from their early days. Darling isn’t living in their past. They have recently introduced a branding campaign around “Be Natural, Be Darling”. The cornerstones of […]

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Va Bien Ulta-Lift Shapewear

It takes a confident woman to wear a strapless bra. Regardless of the numerous styling benefits of this versatile undergarment, most women are gripped by the fear of slippage encountered while wearing basic foam cup strapless bras. Now women of all cup sizes, ranging from B to G, can fearlessly join The Support Revolution sparked […]