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How to Stuff a Stocking When You Don’t Know Her Size

It’s less than a month until the holidays, and time to start planning on how you’ll be filling stockings (no, not that kind of stocking)! Stuffing a stocking is an easy and fun way to give lingerie goodies if you’re not quite sure of someone’s favorite style or size, and it’s casual enough to ease into giving lingerie as a gift if you’ve never done so before. It puts less pressure on you to fill a stocking with lots of fun little things than to spring for one expensive and sophisticated piece, and it’s fun for the recipient to keep pulling out more and more!

There is plenty of one-size-fits-most lingerie out there, but you probably don’t want to risk giving her that stretchy, crotchless, fishnet body stocking unless you know for sure that she wants one. Deserved or not, many one-size-fits-all garments can be seen as cheap and trashy, and no woman wants to think that you see her as cheap or trashy! Here are some fun lingerie gifts that are small enough for a stocking, easy to choose a size, and are pretty well-received:

Hanky Panky Ornament

Hanky Panky Ornament


Hanky Panky has cute star ornaments with the famous stretch lace thongs inside. The one size fits women sizes 4-12 (US) so it’s a no-brainer if your love is relatively slim. If you’re not sure, take a quick peek in her lingerie drawer. If her panties have sizes between 4 and 12 or are S, M, or L, these will probably fit. If she’s plus-size or petite, don’t worry – Hanky Panky has versions for sizes 0-4 and 14-20 (even customizable!) and you can pop it in a fillable ornament. Of course the fillable ornaments are great for any panties if you are lucky enough to know her size!


Leg Avenue Stockings

Leg Avenue Holdups

Hosiery can be an easy gift because generally there are only a few size to choose from. This isn’t the time to spring for fully fashioned stockings, as those require a more precise fit, and brands like Leg Avenue are the easiest because they are one size fits most. They aren’t the highest quality stockings out there, but they are fun, flirty, and have unique details. If you haven’t seen her in a garter belt then she might not own one, so get holdups instead (they have silicone grips on the thigh so they stay up on their own). You can find Leg Avenue and more at Yandy, where you can also get an extra 10% off with the coupon code lingeriepost.


If she’s daring, slip a few sets of pasties in her stocking. Beware: many women are not interested in wearing these. But if you know she likes pasties and nipple tassles already, these require no sizing information at all! Pastease has a large selection of simple stick-on pasties, and Etsy has pages of unique nipple tassles, with some sellers even taking custom orders. If you have a bit more money to spend, Ophelia Fancy has some gorgeous ones as well. Be sure to include some eyelash glue or fashion tape if your selection isn’t self-adhesive.



Ophelia Fancy Pasties

Ophelia Fancy

Travel Accessories

Travel-related gifts hint at things to come, and would of course be especially exciting if they accompany plane tickets to an exotic location! Give her a lingerie travel bag for her suitcase and an eye mask (pictured is one by Mary Green) – black is a safe choice because chances are good that she has a black nightgown or chemise that it would match.

Mary Green Eye Mask

Mary Green Eye Mask

Any other good ideas we missed? Leave a comment! And remember, before you make your purchase, check our sales page for the best coupon codes and discounts!

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