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Welcome to the Lingerie Post, the home for lingerie and underwear fanatics on the web. We’ll be blogging about lingerie by the world’s most famous designers and brands. We’ll do our best to look for bargains, keep an eye on what’s hot and what’s not, and make sure you get to see the most beautiful lingerie there is. Our team of lingeristas is at your service!

We’ll be updating daily, and we’ll try to accompany every single post with at least one photo. On catwalk occasions, we’ll try to get first-hand photos. On press conferences, we’ll try to be there!

We’re not affiliated with any brand. We’re not payed by any designer. We give our opinion, whatever it is. We do have some favorite brands though, but you’ll surely find that out when you’re checking out our blog. Stay tuned!

Contact us

Anyone is free to send us an e-mail at any time. If you’re a reader and have anything at all to say to us (yes, that includes shouting and being angry ;-)), just drop us a line at [email protected]. Don’t hesitate, we won’t bite. If you’re a lingerie-professional, feel free to contact us too. We will never jeopardize our integrity, but are always willing to hear about new products, bargains, sales, … We’re also very willing to review lingerie-related products. We look forward to hearing from you!


Yes, there is some advertising on our weblog, but we would like to point out this is mostly contextual advertising, handled by a third-party provider. We don’t have affiliations with brands, stores or designers. We’ll keep it that way, too! We do however offer advertising possibilities. For more info, just click here.

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