Divissima mini-bikinis: now in Outlet!

Divissima's Outlet Store

Divissima's Outlet Store

Earlier this week, Italian microkini-label Divissima opened its own little outlet store for the sale of the old collection items from its site.

Can’t find the mini-pareu to match with your Divissima mini-bikini any more? Has that fantastic pattern you want for your micro-bikini disappeared from the Divissima collection? Are you looking for tops which have just gone out of season? You don’t need to give up on them: in the new DIVISSIMA OUTLET you’ll find all the items discounted that you can’t find any more in the new Divissima collection: from mini- and micro-bikinis, g-strings, pareu, tops, accessories…. all at super-discounted prices!

Keep your eye on this store if you’re a Divissima fan: it will be constantly updated with new pieces which have just left the collection!

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One Response to “Divissima mini-bikinis: now in Outlet!”
  1. kikal says:

    Have you ever seen Divissima Underwear! Beautiful knickers!

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