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Bikini Beach World: here’s more microwear!

Just stumbled upon yet another Microwear swimwear shop! Thanks to Jeff who sent me an e-mail saying he liked Bikini Beach World over Wicked Weasel any day. Result: I checked out their website, and decided most of it is a little less micro, which means it’s a little more wearable!

Bikini Beach World microwear bikini swimwearBikini Beach World microwear bikini beach wearBikini Beach World microwear pink bikini thong

As you can see, these aren’t too tiny at all. It’s small, but with the right workout you really don’t have to be ashamed hitting the beach in these.

More info and pricing is on their website, together with loads and loads of photo’s!

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One Response to “Bikini Beach World: here’s more microwear!”
  1. Konstantinos says:

    I find it great that you are giving more and more attention to microwear or microkinis. For my various girlfriends, I’ve shopped from a good variety of vendors. Anyway, I would like to turn your attention to a Greek manufacturer who works more like a custom shop of some sorts. Its URL is http://www.alphamoda.com

    They offer a rather comprehensive range of women’s and – don’t be shocked – men’s microwear and the suits can easily be made to the customer’s taste, as fabric, thread, strap colors can be combined at will; and, of course, that’s not all: they offer a selection of strap types, back styles and ring types for their swimwear. And, as far as I know, they are willing to consider further custom options. Don’t be put off by the website design and the photography which aren’t quite up to scratch. Their service and quality are actually quite good.

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