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An original take on bra straps: the clipper by Micolan!

You go to the store, and there it is, the perfect cute tank top you were looking for. Or, you have to go to a party and finally found a dress that’s perfect, but it actually is a bit too open at the back, showing more of your bra-straps than it should…

Surely there are options to cover this problem. There are strapless bras, but they need some kind of good lifting system in the bra cups in order to fully replace a normal bra. And next to that, many women just aren’t comfortable in strapless bras out of fear of slipping. Another option is to use pretty exchangeable straps in combination with a multiway bra. And believe you me, there are lots of couture straps out there. Anything goes, from chained metallic ones to lace, without having to take comfort in plastic ones – everybody can see them anyway, might as well go for a pretty solution.

micolan bra strap clipperBut sometimes this doesn’t quite cut it, or you just might need a casual but pretty looking option. And that’s when we got a message from Micolan. Micolan is an eastern company specialized in producing silicone materials. They’ve come up with the strap clipper.

This easy tool enables you to wear your favorite bra without having to worry about the straps: just clip on your little helper and wear your outfit proud.

I must admit that for these pictures I would have chosen a crème colored bra, but then again, the idea is clear and the possibilities endless. I like! For more great strap-stuff make sure to check out The Strapper and StrapCouture!

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August 22, 2011 by  
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2 Responses to “An original take on bra straps: the clipper by Micolan!”
  1. kate gordin says:

    I’d like to get more information on the Micolan company regarding the strap holder. I was trying to find them online but nothing came up.
    Thank you

  2. Sundal says:

    I have something similar to this and it’s great, it also gives you a bit more of a cleavage as well, but it’s impossible to put on yourself! you need someone to do it for you.

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