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Lula Lu Introduces AAA Bra

"Desiree" by Lula Lu Petites

Lula Lu, a petite lingerie shop which we’ve discussed a few times on TLP, has plans to introduce an AAA cup bra for those who don’t quite fit into an AA. Ellen Shing, owner of Lula Lu, said:

I have to say, when I first started I was like “Does this size really exist?” The double A is already quite a small size. However, when I started to fit people I realized there was definitely a need for the triple A. I have customers call me, and this is how they describe themselves, “I’m nipples on ribs.”…They don’t have much but they are still women. They want something that fits them and touches their skin. The worst I’ve heard is that they’re too small for their A cup bra so it sits away from their breast. They tell me stories of being at work and bending down to pick something up and their shirt is tucked into their bra. They’re just mortified. They want something that hugs their curves and that they’re confident in.

The first bra that will be released in the new sizes is Desiree, which will be available on July 2. You can pre-order now.

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