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Lady Gaga Auctions Skeleton Corset for Haiti

Lady Gaga CorsetLady Gaga is auctioning off her Gary Card-designed glitter skeleton corset on Charity Buzz’s Web site to benefit Haiti and possibly get the media off her back about not participating in the remake of “We are the World.”

The corset, which the exhibitionist popstar wore in her recent concert tour, is also signed by the Gaganess herself and will be given to the highest bidder once bidding ceases on February 23rd. The corset has an estimated value of $2,000, but bidding is already up to $5,000!

The following Lady Gaga mini bio is found on Charity Buzz:

“When Lady Gaga was a little girl, she would sing along on her mini plastic tape recorder to Michael Jackson and Cindy Lauper hits and get twirled in the air in daddy’s arms to the sounds of Rolling Stones and The Beatles. The precocious child would dance around the table at fancy upper west side restaurants using breadsticks as a baton. And, she would innocently greet a new babysitter in nothing but her birthday suit. It’s no wonder that little girl from a good Italian New York family, turned into the exhibitionist, multi-talented singer-songwriter with a flair for theatrics that she is today: Lady Gaga.”

Click here to place your bid!

Source: Fashionista and Charity Buzz

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