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Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar Featured in InStyle!

Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar, a great, online site for smaller sized bras and petite lingerie, will be featured in the Februrary InStyle magazine hitting stores on Friday, January 15th (that's today!)!

Exclusively featuring smaller sizes, Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar was created after its founder and her friends were venting their frustrations with finding nice underwear in their various, smaller sizes. They desired a place where smaller framed women could have an abundant selection of beautiful pieces with fun colors and unique patterns in addition to the basic black and white. As a result, Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar was born! The easy to navigate site is a petite woman's heaven! On the site, search by Color, Price, Product, or Size. In addition to those features, the site also has New Arrivals and Bargains easily accessible. Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar features brands such as Affinitas, The Little Bra Company, and Julianna Rae. If that isn't enticing enough, Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar also ships throughout the U.S. and internationally! Also, if you spend more than $80 (which you easily could do!), you receive a free gift.


Want to know more? Check out the website, follow on Twitter, or friend on Facebook! Don't forget to share your shopping experiences in our forums. Happy shopping!

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One Response to “Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar Featured in InStyle!”
  1. Kat says:

    A little disappointed with my purchase at the Little Bra Company (Lucia Bra) since there were so many great reviews about their bras for small breasted women. Unfortunately, if you’re average built like me (not shopping at petite stores; I’m 5’7 and 130lbs) but with smaller chest, this bra might not fit you as well. The Lucia is a beautiful bra but the cups are too close together for my average frame and the shoulder straps could have the option of being longer. I have my shoulder straps at the longest it could be and the back of my bra strap is pulled up my back about 3/4″ higher than the front. For the price charged I got much better cleavage and fit with a LaSenza or Victoria Secret bra for much lower price.