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New Bras Offer Alternative to Plastic Surgery

So it seems large knockers are still all the rage.  But instead of running out to that creepy plastic surgeon in Mexico that will give you 50 percent off the surgery, there are three new bras out on the market that could give you the illusion of larger breasts in a safe and fast manner.

One of the options is the new “Miraculous Push-up” by Victoria’s Secret. Not only does it instantly add two cup sizes to the breasts, VS also says the contrast will give the illusion of a smaller waist. The bra comes with convertible straps, so it can be worn under strapless, backless and halter dresses.

Pink Jubilee, Sizes AA-DD. (U.S. sizes) $45.

Pink Jubilee, Sizes AA-DD. (U.S. sizes) $45.

A second option is Ultimo’s new “Day-Night Bra,” which also claims to add two cup sizes in seconds. The bra comes with two insertable silicone pouches that can be removed during the day while you’re at work, and then put back in later if you’re headed out and want that extra volume.

Black plunge. Sizes 32A to 38D (UK sizes) £24. Available at Debenhams and Ultimo.co.uk.

Black plunge. Sizes 32A to 38D (UK sizes) £24. Available at Debenhams and Ultimo.co.uk.

I wish I had more information for you guys on this third option, but I couldn’t find out who this bra’s maker is. I do, however, have a video illustrating exactly what this inflatable bra does and how you can increase your cup size into a B, C or D by the mere push of a button. According to some people on the Internet who speak a bit of Mandarin, the bra is called “She’s Mine” and it uses an advanced Japanese-developed technology, which they call “God’s hand,” to function.

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3 Responses to “New Bras Offer Alternative to Plastic Surgery”
  1. Sundal says:

    i’ve seen these things being sold on ebay! i searched for chicken fillets and they popped up. haven’t tried them myself but i think if you’re looking for them, that’s the place to go. they weren’t expensive either.

  2. SunDust says:

    It’s Fantastic!!

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