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You know you can always find the latest sales and coupons on our sales page. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a website you could always count on to offer you discounts on your favorite brands? There is! You will definitely want to bookmark Cheapundies.com, the new liquidation sister site to Freshpair.com.

Cheapundies.com is chock full of high-quality brands you can find at Freshpair.com, but at heavy discounts. And don’t worry – these aren’t seconds. The inventory at Cheapundies.com is all brand name, first-quality overstock and closeout goods. Basically, it’s pieces that they could charge you a whole lot more for. But they don’t.

When I first took a look at this new site, I was immediately struck by how fun it is. I mean, the logo is a pig in underwear! And the “About Us” page said,

“What you find at cheapundies.com will blow your mind. It’s the kind of stuff that can make you believe in unicorns.”

I took that as a challenge! Everyone wants to get the most for their money – so I wondered, how much could I get? I set out with a budget of $75 to see what I could find.

First up, I found a Mary Green Silk Knit with Lace Chemise. It is 100% silk edged with scalloped lace at the neckline and hem. It’s slinky, black, and absolutely boyfriend approved ;-) I found it for $25, which is half off the $50 retail price. $25 for a silk chemise? That’s a total bargain.

I’ve been curious about Nancy Ganz after hearing some good things about the brand, but I hadn’t had the chance to try any of their pieces yet. I found the Nancy Ganz Body Hip Slip, which is a half-slip with firm, smooth shaping power. I picked it up for only $15, which is 50% off! And because it’s tight, it’s a bit sexy even though it’s technically shapewear.

I have been looking for the Ginch Gonch Crotch Rocket Long Johns for a couple years now. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found one for 40% off. In my size. I had to have it! Okay, it’s not technically sexy lingerie. But it is underwear, and it is definitely something cute to wear curled up in front of a cabin fireplace or on the couch to watch a movie. Sadly, if you like these you’ll have to keep looking. They have already sold out. But there are still plenty of men’s Ginch Gonch items available on Cheapundies.com at a steep discount.

DT Underwear is a brand I’ve never been able to try out before. But I needed some new plain panties that I could wear to the gym, and when I saw the DT Underwear Lemon Meringue Basic Brief for only $6.19 (75% off the $24.75 list price!), I quickly added that to my cart as well. One word of warning – if anyone is looking to buy this same style, I’d advise sizing up. I ordered my normal size but I think I would need them in size larger (or even two sizes).

There were still a few dollars left in my budget, which I used to get a Le Mystere Ultra Soft Boyleg Brief in a sweet pink color. These tied with my DT briefs for the largest discount – with the 75% discount, I picked these up for only $5 instead of the usual $20. These are great and I would have stocked up if I didn’t have a budget set out ahead of time. I’ll probably make another order very soon and buy as many as I can!

I made out like a bandit at Cheapundies.com. With only $75 I got a package full of Mary Green, Nancy Ganz, Ginch Gonch, DT, and Le Mystere! My largest discount was 75% off and my lowest was still a pretty hefty 40%. There was plenty of information available on every page to help me evaluate my choices before I purchased like fabric information, crucial measurements, and multiple views.

Browsing the site, it looks like the selection has gotten even larger and more varied in the short time since I placed my order, and I would bet that they are adding more every day. I know that the inventory on a discount site is likely to grow and change rapidly, so I’ll have to keep my eye on this site! With bras as low as $8, panties as low as $4.50 and sleepwear as low as $7.75 (and these are on good brands), I can’t afford not to shop at Cheapundies!

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