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The Bra Dryer

I recently stumbled upon the website for the Bra Dyer, which is a patent-pending device for drying bras. This appliance is built around the idea that the best way to dry a bra is in the shape it will take when you’re actually wearing the bra – that is, in the shape of a female torso. Intended to dry bras faster than air drying and preserve bras better than a conventional dryer (which we all know you shouldn’t be using for your bras anyway!), the Bra Dryer uses a gentle infrared heat source and silent fans to wick moisture away from your freshly laundered intimates.

bra dryer

The Bra Dryer is currently only in concept, but is looking for investors. When it is finally in production, the goal is to have the Bra Dryer come in shapes and sizes much like traditional bra sizing, with size couples for band sizes (e.g. a size 30-32, a size 34-36, etc.) and silicone rubber breast pieces in cup sizes B-DD. The images available on the website show the control panel with settings designed for the specific bra you’re drying, so you can specify the type of bra (padded, soft cup, cotton, silk).

Personally, I would be interested to see how much this would really improve my laundering routine. I hand-wash my bras and then hang them or lay them flat to dry. I usually wash a couple at a time, so unless I planned on investing in quite a few Bra Dryers, this device wouldn’t really improve my drying time very much, unless I really wanted to wear a certain bra right away after washing it. In any case, I’ll be interested to see this in person once it is available for purchase.

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2 Responses to “The Bra Dryer”
  1. Kathierine Holt says:

    That’s amazing!
    Looks like the bra industry is developing a lot of new technologies for bras – I saw one for Wonderbra last night on Coleen’s Real Women and it’s a strapless bra that stays up. I checked out the website today and it tell you about a new technology behind the bra that keeps it staying up – I can’t wait for it to come out, all my prayers will be answered! The website is http://www.ultimatestrapless.co.uk


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