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Figleaves UK Introduces Midnight Grace

Figleaves has been doing a fine job establishing its brand name since we first told you they were releasing their own line. Products already include lingerie basics, loungewear, men’s basics, hosiery, sleepwear, towels, and more. Figleaves has already discontinued several styles (including my favorites, sadly) and is constantly adding more to its repertoire. The newest edition to the brand portfolio is Midnight Grace, a line scheduled to come out very soon (mid-February).  Midnight Grace is aimed at the fuller-figured market, combining support and fashion in bra sizes 32D-38G. Rachael Smith, head of buying at Figleaves UK, says of the new endeavor, “This exciting new brand is a direct response to the needs of our customers and ensuring we are always at the forefront of up-to-the-minute brands.

Check out some early photos of the collection right here, and keep an eye on Figleaves UK for these pieces to be available for sale!

Midnight Grace Lingerie
Midnight Grace Lingerie

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2 Responses to “Figleaves UK Introduces Midnight Grace”
  1. Judith Bayley says:

    Dear Midnight Grace,
    I want to buy the bra advertised in You magazine (Mail on Sunday) on the YOU competition page 42. Please can you advise where it is displayed?
    Thank you

  2. Kelly says:

    Judith, you may want to contact Figleaves themselves about any specific items.

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