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Spring Collection from Valisere Tabu

The Triumph company located in the UK owns the brand Valisere. I’ve never quite understood the difference between Triumph and Valisere, but it is possible that Triumph used to be everyday lingerie and Valisere was for special occasions. A few years ago, Valisere started their own project called Tabu. The Valisere Tabu line is similar to the Naughty Janet line for Janet Reger. Tabu isn’t quite as risque, but they do create lingerie for those special evenings.

Valisere is showing off their Spring 2009 collection for Tabu and includes these pieces:

There is no pricing yet, but check out the Valisere corporate store for deals on the 2008 lingerie and find their signature Maschera string pictured above in the bottom corner.

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One Response to “Spring Collection from Valisere Tabu”
  1. Valisere, Triumph, Sloggi and HOM are all part of Triumph International Ltd based in Swindon. The different brands represent different target markets. Valisere lingerie is their high end range (typically around £49 to £59 for a bra), and is made in France.

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