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Buying Lingerie for Mothers

With Mother’s Day so close, I started thinking about how so many people make the mistake of buying inappropriate lingerie for their mothers. Now just to be clear, this is not a Mother’s Day article because buying lingerie for our mothers at any time of the year for any occasion can be fraught with some uncertainty and consternation. So I decided to impart my advice regarding the “dos and don’ts” of giving our respectful and wise mothers lingerie as gifts.

Let’s get the Do Not Buy List out of the way so we can move on to the more positive aspects of giving lingerie to our mothers. While some of you may not agree with all these points feeling perhaps that you are close enough to your mother to purchase taboo items, it is in most instances prudent, especially for male members of the family, to follow some form of decorum such as found in the following:

  • Do not buy panties, thongs or g-strings. This is too intimate to be purchased by sons.
  • Do not buy crotch-less or peek-a-boo numbers.
  • If a daughter is purchasing the gift, do not buy items that are emblazoned with swear words, sexual innuendoes and vulgar connotations. These items are best left for your girlfriends.
  • Stay away from flimsy and sexy items that are better suited as gifts from a husband or significant other on Valentine’s Day.

Acceptable and well appreciated lingerie that may be bought as gifts for mothers:

  • Tasteful matching gown and robe.
  • A pretty new flannelette nightgown or pair of cotton pyjamas.
  • Mothers always like to receive new housecoats.
  • A lovely kaftan, hand painted kimono or lounging outfit.
  • A beach cover-up for mothers who travel, cruise or use the pool.
  • Dainty lingerie bags, hangers and sachets for storing her fine lingerie
  • A gift certificate from a lingerie company allowing Mother to choose the correct size, colour and style of her garment.

So please, the next time you think of purchasing lingerie for your mother, think tactfully and choose pieces that will be appreciated and will embarrass no one.

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2 Responses to “Buying Lingerie for Mothers”
  1. justin says:

    my mom wears tight clothes and seamed stockings all the time and wasnt mad when i bought her a corset for mothers day and some sheer nylons . we evne went ona date but puely platonic

  2. alison says:

    i think those are okay too but most moms aren’t as fit and don’t feel so great wearing corsets anymore but i do agree with the list a lot i would hate getting a thong but I’d be ok if my son got me panties but I’d still feel it’s more of a valentines day thing too.

    the gift certificate is a good idea though since I’m very picky :P

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