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Victoria Roberts is the proprietress of Zovo Lingerie. Like many stories in lingerie, Victoria was dissatisfied with what she was able to find for herself.

Several years ago I realized that shopping for lingerie had become an unrewarding necessity for me…an independent professional woman over 40, with a body that I finally accepted and the means to treat myself to nice things.

Victoria launched Zovo Lingerie and stocked it with some of the best brands in the business. Next, Victoria started her own brand of the same name. Her collection is called Zovo Lounge and is 100% natural fibers. This Mercerized Cotton Jerez tank is representative of the line. This is an egyptian, long-staple cotton, mercerized to create a sophisticated sheen. You can pick it up for $62 in sizes from XS to XL and in black or white. Find it here.


Zovo also offers some cute box sets. Each panty is a different color (blue, pink, lavender, nude, black and white) and these lace thongs are sexy and comfortable to wear every day! Zeds are great if your friend is a lingerie-fiend OR if she’s wearing granny-panties and needs an update. Pick up the Zed Hex set for $132 or pick up the Panty Purse for $139


Photos courtesy of Zovo Lingerie.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Those box sets are adorable!

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