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Felina Strapless Bra and Bustier Shout-tested

See this is the kind of testing we can all enjoy. The lovely girls over at Entiise Lingerie totally get it: we don’t want to see boring old photos of strapless undergarments supposedly being great support etc… We want proof, and we want it in a funny format like Entiise’s Shout!-test. According to Entiise-owner Veronica “The purpose of the Shout Test is to demonstrate the immovability and overall effectiveness of the undergarment while eliminating any risks and fears of wardrobe mishaps.”

First up, the Felina Strapless Bra:
YouTube Preview Image


Next — Felina Strapless Bustier:
YouTube Preview Image

They also did a Wacoal Bustier and I’m sure there’s more to come… Again, this is such a great idea — and the (gorgeous!) model seems to agree to. She’s genuinely having fun. :D Expect more videos from Entiise Lingerie on TLP in the future! :)

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