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Eco-friendly Chopstick Bra to Save the Earth!

Triumph Chopstick BraLet’s hear it for the Japanese trying to be environmentally savvy and fashion forward! In order to eliminate the waste generated by using disposable chopsticks every day at lunch, the “Chopstick Bra” serves as a handy carrying case for personal, reusable chopsticks. Created by underwear maker, Triumph, of shopping bag bra and “warm” bra fame, this innovative product is not only eco-friendly, but also accentuates the cleavage.

With a Japanese meal theme in mind, one cup features a miso soup bowl and the other a rice bowl. This “green” bra also comes complete with collapsible chopsticks! While it may seem a little silly, this revolutionary product could actually do its part by providing a natural storage space for bringing along your own chopsticks. Unfortunately, the bra will not go on sale, but let’s hope it encourages and inspires our Japanese friends to do their part in saving the Earth.

For video coverage, see here: http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/ver/249.0/popup/index.php?cl=4900751

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One Response to “Eco-friendly Chopstick Bra to Save the Earth!”
  1. mygirlof me says:

    It’s the first time for me coming here. I’d like the site here.And it sounds good to hear the eco-lingerie. Doesn’t it show if women not only sexy in style but also care to the environment. Nice!

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