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“No! Shopping Bag” Bra

Triumph International Japan has a history of ‘awareness’ bras, speaking out about issues such as privatizing the post office and smoking bans. The newest to come out is the earth-friendly “No! Shopping Bag Bra”, which is made out of recycledTriumph plastic bottles and turns into a shopping bag. While the bra is being worn traditionally, all of the excess material is folded away inside the bra serving as extra padding in the cup. When taken off, the bra can be unfolded to create a bra with the straps as the bag handles.

The matching panties don’t do anything except hold a card proclaiming your eco-friendliness. I personally don’t know how you could tactfully take your bra off while in the grocery store, and I’m not sure I would want to! But I certainly applaud the effort and anyone brave enough to try!

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